5 days of Materials Science from 9 am to 7.30 pm. I was only signed up for Monday to Wednesday.
I had sprained my ankle at a wedding the weekend before and almost didn't make it, but having spend the best part of a day in A&E, I found an alternative flight and was limping across Spanish cobble stones.
On arrival at the Residencia des Investigadores, I was reminded again that not everyone speaks English. Unfortunately, I don't speak Spanish and the little I know, I keep getting confused with the little Italian that is stuck from a one term beginners course.  It was my lucky day however, the security guard at reception didn't know a word of English, but he spoke a little French!


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    Why a travel blog on a professional website? The idea for this section came to me on a recent collaboration visit. Aren't the experiences we make and the friendships we form some of our most important assets?


    July 2013